10.10 Shopping Festival FAQ

How do I create the live stream video

We recommend using an app called Larix (iOS and Android) which allows you to use a mobile phone to easily create the live stream video

Is the live shopping video ADA compliant?

The player is linked to auto live captions.

Will the video be available after the live event?

Yes, the live event will be replaced by a recoding of the live event on the 10.10 website

Am I able to see analytics from the live event?

Yes, analytics will be available in the Smartzer Dashboard the next day.

Does the person filming the live stream have to be in the same place as the "Product DJ" and Comments Moderator?

No, the "Product DJ" and Comments Moderator can log into the Smartzer platform from anywhere.

Can I track sales from the live shopping event?

Yes, you are able to provide affiliate URLs for each product which will enable you to do this.

How long should the live shopping event be?

We recommend 30-60minutes.

Can I have multiple presenters in different locations?

We recommend using a single location with a single camera for presenter(s).

How can we respond to audience comments?

You can respond as "Host" from the Smartzer Dashboard, or the presenter can have a screen where they can see the comments coming in and respond to these verbally.

Can I add new products mid live stream?

No, products need to be set before going live.

Is there a like function?


How are inappropriate comments handled?

There is an automatic filter for inappropriate words. You are also able to delete comments and block users from the Smartzer Dashboard.

Do I need to download anything to use the Smartzer Dashboard?

No, you simply login through a normal browser on a desktop (the interface is not designed for mobile use).

Can I highlight certain items during the live event?

Yes, there is a Featured Product functionality where you can highlight up to 3 items at any one time. This is done from the Smartzer Backend by the "Product DJ".

Is there a maximum number of products that can be featured in the live stream?

No, feature as many as you like!