Katie Kerr

Apr 29, 2021


Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The world is becoming increasingly digital and with this, brands could start to lose their human touch. With rapid technological advancement, it is important that customers can still view brands as personable instead of just a business entity.

So, how can marketers reach out to their customers in a way that both engages and builds a relationship?

This blog will explain five up and coming formats that brands are using in video content marketing to solve this online disconnect.


Shoppable video is an informative, immersive and monetised form of video content marketing. Videos feature clickable overlays that can be tagged with product information. Viewers can tap, spin, swipe and drag videos to explore relevant information and discover their next buy. Shoppable videos drive viewers quickly down the shopping funnel, shortening the path to purchase by offering information and 'add-to-cart' functionality. This form of video content marketing leads to 3-4x more engagement than standard video.


Livestream shopping is an up and coming trend set by China. Brands across the world are playing catch up and gradually looking towards interactive video platforms to help them allow their fans to shop live. Streamers upload product links to a player then attach the players RTMP and URL to their chosen livestreaming platform. Viewers can then shop along with the host by clicking on product popups alongside the stream. A chat bar enables customers to ask hosts questions and communicate with one another, providing a community feel to the shopping experience.


Chat bots have become the norm for online shopping experiences. Automated messaging popups allow customers to ask questions and get answers fast. Now, this is developing to use features like facetime so that store associates can have virtual consultations with clients. Customers can book one on one appointments to discuss products and gain the confidence to buy online. As a result, brands can give a human feel to the digital shopping experience.


Branching is a type of interactive video that lets the viewer choose their route through the content. This depends on data inputted by the user via multiple choice questions or customisable options. Branching videos are usually decide your own adventure type videos or they could be as simple as choosing a colourway for a product. Branching videos involve the viewer in a gamified experience. The viewer becomes an active participant, entirely engaged with the content. Branching interactive video is great for tracking user behaviour and harvesting data to understand what makes your customer tick.


Using these formats in your video content marketing strategy is amazing, but you need to share them appropriately for viewers to be able to engage. Sharing your videos to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok can massively boost your engagement. The average person scrolls through 300 feet of mobile content every day. That's equivalent to the size of the Statue of Liberty. So, it is important to take advantage of this increased online audience and stand out on news feeds. Interactive video is far more engaging and memorable than standard video so has the capacity to grip your viewers attention amongst the noise of social media.

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