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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It's been fantastic to see the positive response towards the ‘Holly Nichols’ campaign, and even more so to see Smartzer’s input being specifically focused on in multiple online articles; Fashion Network , Drapers Online and The Industry have all looked with detail into how the Smartzer shoppable video feature has added even more success to this cutting edge campaign.

A variety of shoppable videos have already been launched online, with versions adjusted for other media channels also live in order to generate maximum impact and engagement wherever the brand has a digital presence.

In addition to recognizing the success of the Smartzer interactive overlay being used for video advertising, the articles introduce the exciting new in-store shoppable experience we have applied our unique technology to. Full-length touchscreens playing the videos have been placed throughout the Harvey Nichols flagship store in Kensington- but there’s more! The videos are just as interactive as those present online, and allow customers to simply tap the screen to discover more. The products can then be added to a basket for immediate checkout, or easily connected to the customer’s phone through a QR code.

Initial data shows an average engagement rate of 48.3% and a click-through rate of 15.7%, supporting Smartzer founder Karoline Gross’ experience there is an increasingly ‘strong results in this category for engagement, click-through, and sales’. These video performance metrics and the technologically advanced engagement data is further allowing Harvey Nichols- and other brands choosing the Smartzer service- to streamline their video advertising techniques in order to optimise future videos creatively and economically.

Updated: May 25, 2021

In a year full of high profile feminist campaigns and global online movements, Smartzer are delighted to be involved in iconic London department store Harvey Nichols’ own celebration of femininity and female empowerment- the Holly Nichols campaign. This revolutionizing re-brand will run throughout September and coincide not only with the coming of a new fashion season, but also a series of in store events celebrating inspirational women alongside cutting edge fashion.

However Holly is not just a name- through partnering with Smartzer viewers are able to interact with the ‘Meet Holly’ video in order to discover the fashion and brands used to express what she represents. The Smartzer shoppable interactive overlay enables viewers to click directly on the video in order to discover looks and individual items. In this way it is possible to go directly to items from the image, or the optional sidebar can be open during the video to watch and browse simultaneously. So it could be said that as the video demonstrates Holly’s stylish and fun side, the Smartzer addition can be seen to emphasize her modernity and love of accessible fashion!

Not only is the Smartzer interactive video a key element of the Holly Nichols campaign, we are happy to say that Smartzer technology has also been used on the Holly Nichols x Calvin Klein 2015W39NYC video currently on the Holly/Harvey Nichols homepage! Looks can be explored by simply clicking on the video, with links to the individual product page allowing easy buying.

Throughout this campaign Smartzer has enhanced videos to allow an optimum viewing experience, whilst offering the choice to also engage with the content. The ease of this shoppable experience- allowing customers to shop directly from the video- encourages further engagement with the products available and exploration of the Holly Nichols message.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Smartzer is very pleased to represent the success of e-commerce in a recent Forbes article written by Katie Baron. The article looks specifically at how Smartzer is developing its products to remain at the forefront of shoppable technology as the demand, and competition, for this service grows.

Amongst this evolving landscape, Smartzer is both refining its existing interactive shoppable overlay and working on new technologies to ‘monetize those huge swathes of extremely valuable content that brands are creating but disregarding, often unaware it could be translated into commercial gold’ as our founder Karoline Gross put it.

As the article explains, Smartzer aims to translate this content through

  • introducing shoppable technology to existing in-store touchscreens

  • adding our unique technology to social media influencers’ posts

  • creating a system which allows brands to monitor interaction with products in real time, therefore allowing more efficient platform budgeting

From helping stores develop fully connected environments, to including social media influencers in the daring world of interactive video shopping, and new creation of Smartzer in one unified tool, we are continuing to advance the Smartzer service to meet the requirements of this growing industry.

To find out more about these tools and how they will impact shoppable videos read the full article, and be prepared for what we have coming from now into 2019!

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