The interactive videos can be shared across all digital channels including websites, social media, email campaigns and video ads.


Share the interactive and shoppable videos across Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat both as organic as well as paid social campaigns.


  • The shoppable video player can be linked to stories where the shoppable video player opens in full screen as the user 'swipes up' on a story.

  • Smartzer's shoppable video player can also be linked to Ads, where an image/video based in-feed ad can trigger the opening of the full shoppable video.​

  • Make an Instagram story shoppable with the Smartzer MINI page

Easily embed the interactive videos on your website as an iFrame. No integration required with major e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and Demandware. 

A single link will automatically work on your desktop and mobile sites with an optimised layout. 


Distribute the shoppable and interactive videos across video ad networks as a VPAID tag (VAST 3 and above). The shoppable video works across native and pre-roll formats. 

Link the shoppable videos to your Newsletters creating an interactive experience to drive customers to product pages on your website. 


Use touch screens to bring the interactive video experience into stores or popup events. 



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