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Boost conversion and ROI with the best shoppable video and shoppable live stream platform, fully integrated with your Magento e-commerce store.


Shoppable videos on your Magento Store

Make videos on your Magento store shoppable and interactive to drive engagement and to increase conversion. Viewers can click on products in the videos to instantly see more details with the ability to shop.

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Shoppable Live Streams on your Magento Store

Host Live Shopping events on your Magento Store shoppable and interactive to create a highly engaging shopping experience for your customers. Viewers can click on products in the live stream to instantly see more details with the ability to shop.


Add highly engaging shoppable  video content to your Magento Store


Enable your customers to easily shop directly from your videos and live streams


Get access to detailed video performance data in a simple dashboard

Livestream shopping is shaping the future of retail


 ​40% of marketers now use shoppable video



Automatically sync your Magento product catalogue, with automatic localisation of product details for different markets. Enable instant Add to Cart functionality. Setup time is up to 2 weeks.


Embed shoppable videos and shoppable live streams to any page of you e-commerce store or share via other marketing channels. Learn More >


Shoppable videos embedded on your store can integrate automatically to your store cart. Video viewers can seamlessly add items to their cart without leaving the video or livestream. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the setup process?

Smartzer's video tagging platform is connected to your Magento store simply through having API access to your product catalogue. Smartzer also provides a customised player template for your shoppable videos and live streams. The overall setup for an Magento Integrated Enterprise account is up to two weeks.

How long does the setup process take?

The setup process including Magento Catalogue integration and custom player setup takes up to two weeks.

How can I embed the shoppable videos or live streams onto my Magento Store?

You can add the shoppable videos or livestreams directly onto your store via iFrame. You will also have the option to integrate the shoppable videos directly to the shopping cart by adding a short extra piece of code onto the page.

Does the integration support multiple language or currency variations?

Yes, the the integration can be set up to work with your language/currency variations.

Do the shoppable videos and live streams support products with variants?

Yes, the product card support up to two variants for each item, such as colour and size for example.

Can the product cards in the shoppable videos and live streams be customised to match my website design?

Yes, the interactive player, including the product cards can be customised to match your Magento store design.

Will the shoppable and interactive videos impact my site speed?

The interactive player has been built to minimise the impact on site speed.

How many videos or live streams can I build?

There is no maximum limit. Create as many as you like!

Where can I see data related to the shoppable videos and live streams?

The Smartzer analytics dashboard includes detailed data captured within the videos. We track all of the various interactions with the Smartzer overlay, where people clicked and what people clicked on. The dashboard gives you a great perspective of how your content performed.

What support do we offer?

Within the platform we have a live chat functionality with members of our support team. We also have a detailed help center full of useful information about the tool and it's best practices.