Smartzer founder Karoline Gross was recently interviewed by the women in tech, venture capital and entrepeneurship publication Femstreet, and featured on the online platform of Medium, designed for innovative ideas and original perspectives.

Described at the ‘future of video shopping’ Karoline presents the tough yet rewarding reality of creating a company as unique as Smartzer - from taking inspiration from the success of online video streaming to the challenges of funding and leading a team, and understanding the necessity to start small with room for growth in an ever evolving field.

Karoline expressed her desire to help both providers and consumers, to influence the advertising industry in its own transparency alongside providing brands with a more accurate understanding of what their audience want whilst strengthening consumer accessibility. Karoline hinted at how this is becoming more of a reality daily as Smartzer is working on the launch and implementation of a more scalable and repeatable business model to ensure the dream of Smartzer becoming an everything apart from video production service for everyone to access.

Link to the full article here