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Did you know that only 1% of UK VC capital has been invested into all female founding teams?

London, UK – Monday, 22nd July

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is a 3-part conference that aims to help close the funding gap for female founders.

It was all about connecting with investors, learning from women who have successfully raised and meeting tons of fellow founders (female and male) on the same journey.

Founded in 2015, Blooming Founders is a platform and ecosystem designed to help early stage female entrepreneurs and diverse teams succeed.​

Blooming Founders is a female-focused business incubation platform that welcomes everyone who wants to belong to an inclusive and diverse community of founders and innovators. They run London's largest network of female entrepreneurs, a co-working space and events all year round to provide education around entrepreneurship, business growth and personal development as well as networking opportunities. 


V: Everyone should be equally empowered and enabled to turn their ideas into reality and build a profitable business, whatever their gender, age, race or societal background.

M: To create a more inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem and foster innovation.


Lu Li, founder of the Blooming Founders

Lu Li, wanted to be more creative and didn't want to leave her career in the hands of corporate politics.

Consequently, she quit her job and started her own business. Little did she know what she was doing.

It took her two ventures and three years to find something that she found meaningful and impactful enough to build and grow as a business.

There are some of the challenges she and her team want to help with:

70% of female entrepreneurs are solo founders (her own research).

That's why she created a dedicated networking platform to foster connection, knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities. 

39% of female founders frequently encountered sexism while running their startup (Unilever  Foundry).

That's why she created a supportive environment where women are taken seriously. 

Only 7% of venture capital in Europe was invested in startups that had a woman on its founding team (Atomico).

That's why she provides safe environments to practice your pitch and get direct feedback from investors. 

Only 1% of global corporate and government procurement goes to women-owned businesses (UN Women)

That's why she works with corporate companies to bring more female founders in front of them.


Our Founder & CEO Karoline Gross was one of the speakers talking about: “Scaling your startup after investment”- Lessons learned on how to best use your new funding.



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