Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Are you up to date with all of our mentions in press recently? In this week’s blog post, we’ll be recapping some of the most recent articles we have featured in. Sometimes it’s nice to step back and appreciate the support we’ve been getting.

DTG - from whom we won Gold at the IBC Final of the their Innovation Awards in 2015 - mentioned our “continued success” and interactive video work with M&S and Joshua Kane after both had just gone live. Due to this, we were named one of their Top 5 companies at “the forefront of business innovation”. It’s great to be continually supported by a team that crowned us winners at their summit last year.

Our friends at Styla featured us in a report on ‘11 Brilliant Examples of Shoppable Content’. They explored the benefits of making video shoppable and focused on our work with Puma which featured on the JD Sports website. This work was really successful as we saw a conversion rate just shy of 7%, earning a 24 times higher earning per click than average in the e-commerce industry.

We’ve also very recently been featured on the start ups website in the ‘101 British tech start ups that caught our eye’. We appear under the 'Retail' category amongst 8 others. It’s rewarding to be acknowledged in any features that focus on the future of technology, and in particular the future of retail and e-commerce through our interactive video technology. With the tagline of the article being “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”, we will happily accept the suggestion that we are helping to invent the future.

Get in touch for more details about the Smartzer interactive and shoppable video platform 😎