Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on something really exciting with our friends over at Styla. The Berlin-based company has the first content commerce solution for shoppable online magazines. Thanks to its seamless shopping integration, Styla can easily transform content into an exciting shopping experience. Brands and online retailers can inspire their customers with captivating stories and encourage them to make a purchase.

We partnered with them to compose a report collecting our thoughts on ‘Defining Shoppable Content’.

We figured, as they work to make images shoppable, and we work to create interactive video, it would be really interesting to put our heads together and discuss the trend of shoppable content. The report uses examples and results from each of us and is sub-titled ‘How shoppable articles and interactive videos turn content consumers into actual buyers’.

E-commerce is the fastest growing market out there, having recently reached $1.6 trillion in size. While this is a truly positive fact for every online retailer out there, the rapid growth of the industry becomes a struggling point. When you realise how many other retailers you have to compete with, traditional content marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

This is when shoppable technology steps in.

In this report, Defining Shoppable Content: How Shoppable Articles and Interactive Videos Turn Content Consumers into Actual Buyers, you’ll be able to find out:

  • What is shoppable video and how is it different from traditional video content marketing

  • How shoppable articles and interactive videos really work

  • And finally, what are the real ROIs of shoppable content

Get in touch for more details about the Smartzer interactive and shoppable video platform 😎