United State of Women

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This week, we were fortunate enough to attend possibly one of the most exciting events we have ever been invited to. Our Founder, Karoline, went to The White House Summit on The United State of Women.

She flew to Washington and witnessed President Obama himself take to the stage to address issues surrounding gender equality. Throughout the day there were also numerous panels and discussions addressing the issues that women all around the world are currently facing.

It is so great to see more events addressing these issues if gender inequality. As a company founded by a young entrepreneurial female, it was such an honour to attend this summit. Being a part of an event that supports and empowers women in the workplace, the home, across the globe was incredibly inspiring. We hope the summit can really make a difference for future generations and give women the support and voice they need to live in a totally equal world.

You can read more about the events of the day HERE.