• Karoline Gross

LDN Tech Week @ Net-A-Porter & Yoox

Updated: Feb 16

As part of London Technology Week, we attended a talk held at the Yoox X Net-A-Porter offices last night discussing ‘How Digital Technology is reshaping Publishing’. The premise of the evening was to consider the future of publishing and how the landscape has changed now that digital plays such a big part in how people digest content. This could be from international news stories or fun loving fashion articles.

The evening began with a great intro from the CIO of the Yoox/NAP group, Alex Alexander. He outlined the ways that the company has branched out into print form, with the release of PORTER magazine, from it’s beginnings in strictly digital. He discussed the benefits they have found in both of the formats. We were shown a fantastic video which clearly displayed how the PORTER magazine can be made entirely shoppable, all by using the app and the physical copy of the magazine together.

In his final points, Alex stated that with PORTER magazine, they are always aiming to combine “the intimacy of the page, with the instant gratification that tech provides”. A quote that we personally loved.

The panel portion of the evening was also really interesting.

Chaired by freelance journalist Sarah Shearman and featuring Tess Macleod-Smith (VP of publishing and media at NAP), Madi Weland Solomon (Senior Manager at Optimy Advisors), and Chei Amlani (Head of Digital Publishing at the Daily Telegraph). They covered topics ranging from the progression of publications into digital, the impact this has on their companies and their readers, how data is a key player in shaping content, and how the growth of VR and augmented reality might change the publishing playing field for all.

It was a great evening in a fantastic venue with a panel who really knew their stuff. To hear their thoughts on the growth of digital content and how the future is looking for publications, left us thinking about how our product can really fit into all of this. We’re feeling very inspired, and we’re excited to see how the digitisation of content continues.