Keeping your brand relevant

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We’re often asked about what our tech product does, or is doing, for brands and companies.

Why should they use us?

What is the need for this technology?

What can you offer them?

The answer is simple. The digital landscape is fast changing and as online consumers begin to want more from their e-commerce experience, brands need to ensure that they are delivering more engaging and inspiring content to keep consumers interested.

If companies are going to invest time and money on digital marketing campaigns that include video, surely they want to see the impact it is having and any sales it is making as a direct result. Of course, when video content first started being incorporated into marketing strategies, it was going to be at a very basic level and simply be a tool to advertise product or share information. But now, in 2016, with an abundance of video content being made by all kinds of companies it’s not enough to just display product. We believe, it needs to entertain and encourage interaction.

The key to making video content go further for your brand, is to have the relevant technologies in place to capture the generated interest through immediate call to action. Furthermore, with our technology, brands can then use available data to understand exactly how their consumers engaged and interacted with said content. This helps to keep the e-commerce experience in line with how each brand’s consumers are behaving.

If companies want to be a part of exciting digital innovations and keep up with the “millennial” shoppers, they need to make sure that their advertising efforts are strong and powerful enough to keep consumers coming back and secure new ones.

With video playing an increasingly large part in this, we are continuously evolving our platform to help brands stay ahead and keep their consumers happy when it comes to their video strategies.