How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We thought we’d give a little shout out to our friends at Styla this week after reading their article on Actionable Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment. This is a very real and current problem for fashion retail ecommerce, in fact as stated in the article “Shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 68.63%". It’s a case of people almost becoming customers, but then not actually becoming customers.

Illustrated by a graph, the article clearly displays reasons why people leave a retailer’s website with “hidden and unexpected costs” appearing to be the key factor.

As well as advising numerous helpful ways to encourage buying; always show costs, offer free shipping and use more images, to name a few, another suggestion is to make content shoppable.

“...if your content is directly shoppable, i.e. if people can buy products directly from it, people can add items to their shopping carts right away - and as a result, buy more.”

Something that we noted and found really interesting is that by making your content interactive, you can also tick off other points made by Styla such as improve speed and be smart about CTA’s.

Overall, this is a really great article with some seriously useful tips that have been proven to work for some companies. With the abandonment rate being at almost 70%, it’s really important that all companies read this and take note. Don’t just settle for people browsing your product, adding it to basket and then changing their mind. Find the route of the problem, address it, and resolve it.

You can read the article for yourself HERE.