The rise of female entrepreneurs

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This week we wanted to focus on an article that has caught our attention and made us proud to be a female-founded company. have published a piece online titled ‘Female entrepreneurs killing it in the UK start-up scene’. This is the kind of headline we like to see!

It runs through a list of some really great women who have spent the past few years building up their successful businesses and provides a small back story on how they thought of and developed their own companies. It’s an incredibly inspiring feature which highlights the issue of gender diversity and equality and highly praises the women who are still part of a small group leading the way in female entrepreneurship and being their own boss.

It is so important to show the younger generation of females that they too can create their own companies if they wish to. Not all successful and profitable businesses have to have a male at the helm. We think that what each and every woman in this article has achieved is great. We truly hope to see features like this being published more often, and with more women making waves in the world of business.

Check out the article for yourself HERE and get involved with the conversation on Twitter @smartzer.