Marketing Tech News

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We found a great article on the Marketing Tech News website last week, that we thought was really interesting and insightful; ‘Shoppable video is the next big marketing opportunity’.

Here are some key points we took away:

  • Viewing figures for television have been dwindling for a couple of years, but the presence and production of online video has been going from strength to strength. This is probably due to the amount of devices that allow people to access video anytime, anywhere, but then this is something we’ve always considered as well. People can now watch video at basically any time so any opportunity for brands to promote themselves through this medium should be taken without hesitation.

  • “ ad spend grew by 56% in the first half of 2015...this growth demonstrates the recognised ad potential of video…” Not only the recognised potential but the proven examples of when video advertising with an interactive element has produced positive results in engagement and sales.

  • Interactivity and data are intertwined, with “data being at the heart of intelligent marketing”. We absolutely agree with this statement, and as you all know, data plays a large part in our product because we understand it’s importance especially in such a data heavy industry. Numbers and analytics speak volumes.

  • “...the future is bright for video across all platforms and devices, and it won’t be long until it also provides a shopping experience that’s as interactive as the real world.” We believe the present day is already looking bright, especially with the increase in video content. Although, many are still wary of interactive technology and sceptical of the benefits it will bring it’s really exciting for us to see articles like this being published. Anything that encourages more people to think outside the box and be attuned to what the future of video looks like, is fine by us!