People need more from their online shopping experience

Updated: May 24, 2021

Multi-Channel Merchant published an article last week about 'Shoppable and User-generated content' and this has got us thinking about the importance of content in all forms. Naturally, the Smartzer technology requires content to serve a purpose and solve problems that retailers are facing in this current digital landscape of monetising video content. However, it helps to understand why content alongside a website and physical store is important in the first place.

In order for brands to keep up the pace, and develop alongside the advancements in tech and digital, they must produce content. Content can help build trust and loyalty with customers and can grab the attention of potential customers. This could be through images, videos, blog posts and across social media, it is not enough to just have a website anymore. With billions having access to the internet, people expect more from their online shopping experience.

Younger audiences such as Gen Z and Millennials expect the most from e-commerce. This is due to a broadened technological awareness as a result of rapid advancements in social media and mobile technology. These audiences are incredibly apt at using tech and navigating the internet whether this is by checking feeds or ordering a new pair of shoes from anywhere in the world. While their internet attention is hooked, brands should seize this opportunity to stand out with the best and most engaging content.

This is where it gets interesting. For example, picture someone browsing social media and they come across a campaign image promoting a new collection or they watch the video to showcase some of the new product. Firstly, this content has immediately proven itself as effective as it made them stop, look and consider their options for obtaining the product. This content could be taken one step further by making it interactive. By clicking on the product, the customer is taken on a clear and simple route to purchase that will drive a sale and provide the viewer with info in a matter of seconds. In an age where people (particularly the younger generation) are increasingly less patient, it is really important to supply a fast and easy solution for the audience.

Upping the content game and ensuring that it is engaging, efficient and fun means that an audience will have a more enjoyable online experience. We strongly believe that brands should never underestimate the importance of good content and look for ways to enhance it to make it more engaging for the consumer.

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