Joshua Kane A/W Campaign

It’s been a very exciting week here at Smartzer as we went live on our second collaboration with menswear designer Joshua Kane. After working together on his A/W 2016 runway show, we have now applied our technology to the A/W 2016 campaign video, in which Joshua Kane is showcasing his latest menswear collection as well as debuting womenswear for the first time.

The video itself is a slow moving piece so the tech works really well with the content. The cursor gives users the opportunity to ‘explore’ the product on screen and then presents a pop up with the relevant info, images, and of course the option to shop. There is a combination of single product pop ups, as well as group ones which feature numerous products so that the user can be shown all of the merchandise on the screen.

You can find the video on the Joshua Kane homepage, you can view that for yourself HERE. We’d love your thoughts, so feel free to reach out with any feedback @smartzer or




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