Hot Topic: See Now, Buy Now

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

As 2016 Paris fashion week draws to a close this weekend, we have been discussing a hot topic of interest here at Smartzer. This is the ‘Shop Now, Buy Now’ concept that some of the world’s biggest fashion giants adopted for their runway shows this season.

Business of Fashion and Fashionista are a few of the online articles providing commentary around the subject. Last week, they began reporting on the initial responses and results to the practice of ‘See Now, Buy Now’ on the runway. Considered an “experiment” for the fashion industry, the idea behind ‘See Now, Buy Now’ enables consumers to purchase the product that was shown on the runway as soon as the show is over. This could be from the brands ecommerce site or their physical stores. It was quite a surprise both within the industry, and for fashion followers, to hear that these iconic fashion houses were doing away with the traditional six-month lead time for their fashion shows. Especially when it has been such a staple of every fashion week across the globe.