Smartzer x HALSTON

This week saw us go live with luxury American fashion label, Halston Heritage. After meeting the team during our time in New York earlier this year, as part of the Fashion Tech Lab, we have worked with the retailer to make their latest campaign video completely shoppable and interactive.

Showcasing the latest Fall 2016 collection, which features a stunning ensemble of dresses perfect for the upcoming festive season, our video tech makes all of the content clickable. As with other campaign videos that we have made interactive, we really feel that the content itself benefits and becomes far more engaging. It sparks increased interest amongst the consumers watching, with the aim being - from both ours and the brands side - of also increasing conversion.

We were so pleased to work with such an iconic American brand who are constantly mixing iconic styles and modern designs in luxe fabrics with a hugely varied product range.

This collaboration came about as a result of our introductions at the New York Fashion Tech Lab programme. We’ve got an entire blog post which can provide more context on this and what it meant for us as a company, but essentially we spent 3 months Stateside to take part in an extremely exciting and rewarding incubator programme. As a result, we got to work with HALSTON on making this video entirely shoppable. We’re very pleased with how it looks, and we hope you all enjoy clicking away which you can do HERE.

If you'd like to see more of our previous videos, we update our homepage with all our collaborations and be sure to check our Twitter to be kept updated on everything we're up to.




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