My Theresa x Burberry shoppable February 2017 runway

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This week we went live on our second exciting collaboration with womanswear e-commerce site and iconic British brand Burberry.


Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative and CEO, showcased his Henry Moore-inspired, beautiful new February collection at Makers House in Soho at London Fashion Week. The Monday evening was a rush for team Smartzer as we worked quickly to add our interactive video platform to the much-anticipated runway show. Customers could interact with the video by clicking a look to immediately see detail. Smartzer's hover effect was customised for Burberry so that viewers could order immediately and easily shop the luxury pieces via

We think that interaction videos are a truly innovative addition to the Burberry runway show experience. The “See Now, Buy Now” aspect of Burberry’s show, meant that the season’s new pieces were immediately available to buy after the show.

As any fashion-aficionado would tell you, Burberry is a leading brand in terms of fashion which pays homage to tradition with added avant-garde. Beyond this, the brand is forward-thinking. They have been paving the way for fashion using popular but often underutilised video content to engage their customers. The brand is taking steps to please both their dedicated and new customers.

Here at Smartzer, we are so pleased to have been able to work with Burberry for a second time. This demonstrates Burberry's satisfaction with the original shoppable runway that we generated in September2016. Additionally, on a wider level, shows the consistent, reusable capabilities of interactive video platforms. Brands can use interaction videos to engage customers and drive sales.

To check out the interactive experience Smartzer created for the Burberry February 2017 runway, visit We are so proud of this project and would love to hear any feedback you might have, either on this page or via twitter @smartzer.


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