Drapers Digital Festival 2017

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Smartzer attended Drapers Digital Festival in London on the 25th April 2017.


We had been honoured to have been shortlisted in two award categories: Best Tech Start-up and Best Digital Marketing Campaign for the My Theresa x Burberry shoppable runway.

The Festival was a brilliantly busy day full of talks, panel debates and events, and we thoroughly enjoyed the awards ceremony in the evening.

We made sure to take advantage of the exciting talks on offer throughout the day. Hearing Dion Magee (Head of Fashion UK/Branding Specialist, Facebook) was especially interesting due to the focus placed on videos throughout the talk. Dion talked about how video is the future for Facebook, with around 8 billion daily views of videos on the site. Dion discussed the importance of capturing viewers’ attention in only the brief 2.5 seconds viewers will initially see a video for on desktop and 1.7 seconds on mobile. Furthermore, videos should be designed for sound off as roughly 60% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. One key point from Dion’s talk was the importance of repurposing content and using new tools to make the most of video – a really encouraging point considering the increasing use and positive feedback from shoppable video.

Marc Rosen (Executive VP & President of Global eCommerce, Levi Strauss) placed emphasis on the role that the consumer plays during the shopping journey and the control that they hold. Additionally, he reinforced the expectation that the consumer holds for a seamless shopping experience. For Levi’s, shoppable video is a key future technology trend which the brand intend to utilise.

Other talks that we enjoyed were given by Marcelle Parrish (President of eCommerce for North America, Ralph Lauren) about the importance of data use in designing garments. We heard Michael Truluck (CEO, La Redoute) talking about the focus that La Redoute place on a personalised approach for different markets. For example, they currently have 15 ‘Tribes’ working in Russia, with each concentrating on a different consumer group based on the location or consumer type.

We were especially excited to hear our Founder and CEO, Karoline, pitching Smartzer as part of our shortlist in the Best Tech Start-up category. Karoline gave an engaging and interesting pitch, highlighting the great feedback we’ve had from clients and providing key analytics that show the positive results our interactive video player has had for client campaigns. Karoline welcomed some interesting and thought-provoking questions from members of the audience. We were all pleased that our pitch went so well.

Another highlight was hearing the pitch given by Isabel May (Director of Communications and Customer Experience, Burberry) about the My Theresa x Burberry campaign which Smartzer worked on. The campaign had been shortlisted for the Best Digital Marketing Campaign and Isabel gave a great talk about the unique customer experience, brand experience and business impact which was the objective of the campaign. She highlighted the fact that the campaign not only met but fulfilled its target.

We’d like to extend a massive congratulations to MentionMe, who were the overall winners of the Best Tech Start-up category, and the Missguided Naughty List campaign, which was the overall winner of the Best Digital Marketing Campaign.

We would also like to say thank you very much to Drapers for a brilliantly entertaining and interesting day, and a wonderful awards evening!


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