LVMH Lab at Vivatech

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We were delighted to be chosen as one of 32 finalists from over 500 startups to be shortlisted for the LVMH Innovation Award as part of the LVMH Lab at Vivatech in Paris this week!


Vivatech is held to promote innovation between startups and industry leaders. Innovation is core to LVMH and it was great to hear Bernard Ardault (LVMH Chairman and CEO) speak about this. Bernard’s talk included discussing how Ian Rogers (who used to work for Apple Music) has joined the team to help drive innovation across all LVMH brands. Over the 3 day event we also had the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of interesting talks given by representatives from a number of LVMH brands.

Elsa Corbineau (Operations, Marketing and Communications Director at Fred) placed real emphasis on the shift towards a digital experience as customers are able to use their online interface to personalise their Fred jewellery. Delphine Chorenslup (VP Digital at Guerlain) shared insights on purchasing behaviour relating to interactive experiences. For example, we learnt that 49% of millennials are more likely to make a purchase after an interactive brand experience – demonstrating the power of the digital interface and the importance of brands utilising their content effectively.

There were some interesting talks from Sephora. Elizabeth Angles D’Auriac spoke to us about the Sephora Accelerate program which is centred around supporting female founders, and Lara Lasisz from the Sephora Innovation Lab spoke to us about Sephora’s new digital collaborations. These collaborations have been launched both in store and online, and the main one Lara discussed was the new Sephora app. This app has six core functions, one being a Virtual Artist which allows customers to trial lipstick shades and false eyelashes digitally with the capacity for customers to shop anytime and anywhere. It was great to hear about the utilisation of technology to fulfil customer demands not only to shop but also to test products. To top off these exciting talks, we heard Emmanuel Macron, French President, speak about the importance of technology and startups.

There were two components to the Innovation Award. The first involved holding a stand where we shared demonstrations and explained our innovative thinking to industry experts. We also pitched Smartzer to an audience consisting of both industry professionals and members of the public. A core aspect of our pitch was discussing how Smartzer has embraced and utilised innovation through our forward-thinking interactive video technology and partnership with clients who wish to engage their customers in new ways.

It was an honour to be shortlisted to a group of 32 for the Innovation Award from over 500 startups applying from 42 countries and it was great to meet representatives from some truly innovative other startups. We would like to extend a massive congratulations to the winner, Heuritech, who are another Lafayette Plug and Play company!

Thank you again to LVHM for holding such an informative and engaging event!


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