Valentino x MyTheresa

Our latest shoppable video has just launched, and we are delighted to announce that it was created for the Valentino x MyTheresa prelaunch of selected Fall/Winter ‘17 collection items.

This exclusive sneak peek of Valentino’s much anticipated next collection is presented through a film which was directed by the double Swedish Grammy award winner Joanna Nordahl. A variety of characters are present in the film, accompanied by the original song ‘Species’ by Eliot Sumner. The entire collection will be released in one week, with only certain items showcased in the preview film in order to whet the appetite of Valentino followers.

It was a delight to work with MyTheresa following previous collaborations we have done together (you can read about these here and here), and we have been especially proud to see publicity surrounding the film. For example, an article dedicated exclusively to the film has been published by Women’s Wear Daily (which you can read here).

MyTheresa have also shared exclusive behind the scenes footage on their Instagram stories and through Instagram posts, also linking to the shoppable video itself. It’s great to have such positive feedback on the film, resulting in a wider range of viewers and potential customers.

Customer engagement with the video is strong, with the Instagram involvement causing a significant views impact which means that more customers overall engage with the interactive experience created by Smartzer, and are given the opportunity to explore pieces which especially jump out at them.

We have really enjoyed working on this captivating and unique film, which you can enjoy here, and we would like to say thank you to MyTheresa and Valentino for asking us to do so.

We’re now eagerly anticipating the official release of the Fall/Winter ’17 collection!

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