Updated: Feb 17, 2021

On the eve of London Fashion Week, the Smartzer team was invited to attend FashMash Pioneers, hosted by FashMash a global community uniting pioneering minds from fashion, digital and technology. Founded by Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer, FashMash is comprised of 500 leaders across retail, tech, VC, start-ups and agencies. FashMash Pioneers is a brand-new annual program of talks featuring visionaries dissecting the future of the fashion industry, intent on inspiring the community and the next generation.

The future of fashion is increasingly intelligent. In the past heritage brands could rely on their name and craftsmanship to secure a competitive advantage, now in order to find an edge in the market, brands need to use consumer data to create relevant and personalized shopping experiences for customers. Technology companies are leading this shift. Therefore, who better to choose than Tomas Roope, Group Creative lead for Google Zoo, the tech giant’s think tank focusing on pushing the limits of creativity through technology, to be their first interview. The truly inspiring discussion revolved around artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and the future of the creative industry through the lens of technology.

Google Zoo can use their access to data and in-house made tech to create solutions and make things more efficient for society. Connecting data and engineering with creatives, Roope explained Google Zoo as the combining of left and the right brain, or “Geekness to Chicness.”

What has Google Zoo created in terms of fashion-forward tech? Partnering with Ivyrevel Technology, they created #CodedCouture project which used innovative technology to create one-of-a-kind customized designs for users after tracking seven days of their life via a simple application download. The data dress is the final product and is completely tailored to the personality and lifestyle of the user with fashion and code working together seamlessly.

It was truly an enlightening discussion, inspiring us all of to think more about what technology can add to the future of fashion.




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