• Karoline Gross


Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Smartzer loves any opportunity to pitch our innovative shoppable video solution, especially if we find ourselves pitching near the beach. For Pitch to Pery, Smartzer founder, Karoline Gross was able to do just that. Pitch to Perry selected 10 start-ups with technology solutions for the fashion and retail industry that drive growth and revenue for a chance to win a commercial pilot with Perry Ellis International (PEI). Start-ups were chosen based on their ability to increase e-commerce sales, create awareness for PEI’s global lifestyle brands, enhance consumer in-store retail experience, or introduce new Internet of Things to products.


  • 42 technologies - Modern Retail Analytics (centralized data platform)

  • VNTANTA - An end-to-end solution for premium mixed reality using proprietary holograms

  • Nobal Technologies (iMirror) - Reinventing the consumer retail experience with the iMirror

  • Tailored - Enhancing the fashion fitting experience from design to consumer

  • Bombfell - Online 1:1 personal styling platform

  • Perch Interactive - Digital Content based on what products shoppers touch

  • SmarterHQ - Personalize each and every shopper interaction in real time

  • Gramercy - Turns your loyal customers into your best salespeople

  • Trendalytics - Transforms your merchandising strategy

  • Smartzer - Making videos interactive and shoppable

At the demo day Karoline met with PEI and Miami’s top investors in Miami for a day of pitching and networking. Smartzer was an excellent solution to increase PEI’s e-commerce sales by incorporating visualization technologies to increase consumer engagement and revenue.





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