(Jimmy Choo A/W 18 Fantasy Closet Interactive Video, powered by Smartzer. Click here to view full video)

Having worked with Jimmy Choo in the past to successfully digitise their campaigns, Smartzer have created and are hosting another interactive video with the brand, 'A/W '18 Fantasy Closet'. The video features super models Joan Smalls, Lily Aldridge and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley trying on different outfits featuring Jimmy Choo products, bringing them all the glitz and glam you’d expect from a high-end ad.

Smartzer technology transforms the ad into an immersive and interactive video, where consumers are easily able to explore the products featured in the shoppable video. The tailored design of the HTML5 video makes the interactive video indiscernible from the UX of the rest of the site, making the entire shopping journey feel unified and seamless.

Easy shoppable video creation, in-house design

The video player has been designed by the Smartzer team based on briefings from the designers at Jimmy Choo, to ensure a cohesive and immersive viewing and shopping experience for their consumers. As with all Smartzer videos, the campaign has been transformed from a stunning video asset into an immersive interactive video which since its launch, has been collecting useful consumer insights. The Smartzer optimisation has been increasing engagement rates & sales, and providing a smooth and enhanced digital presence of the brand.

The Smartzer and the Jimmy Choo design team worked together to create a smoothly functioning and powerful bespoke interactive video that enhances the Jimmy Choo video asset and their design aesthetic. Functionality and an intuitive customer journey through the video and product discovery through it was as always at the heart of the process.

(A demonstration of Smartzer tech - a pull out drawer with products as seen in the video at that moment. Options to go to the product page to purchase, or view Full Details accompany the products.)

Increased consumer engagement and optimisation for discovery and sales globally

Clear call to action buttons (ie. ‘SHOP NOW’ or ‘LEARN MORE’), hot-spots and suggestive click buttons distributed within the video encourage consumers to use all the features of the clickable video. The smart video draws in the viewer and offers them easily accessible product information, a purchasing button and a link to learn more about the product. All videos are optimised to work beautifully on desktops, smartphones and tablets, ensuring the diverse range of viewing platforms can play the Smartzer smart video overlay with shoppable content anywhere and any time.

The video has been distributed after its Smartzer optimisation and transformation on the Jimmy Choo website in all regions in which the brand has an online presence, including the UK, USA, Japan, France and Germany.

Analytics and informed shoppable video production and optimisation

The easily navigable video utilises unique bespoke Smartzer tech and collects data from the moment it goes live to provide the Jimmy Choo team with valuable insights into their consumers’ viewing and engagement behaviour, best or under-performing products, and the success of their creative direction on the campaign overall.

Having worked with Jimmy Choo before, Smartzer has partnered up with them again to bring to all audiences a beautiful, custom built and bespoke designed shoppable video player. Smartzer's in-house design team and developers have come together to fulfil the desired design aesthetics of the Jimmy Choo designers, and are pleased to present to you this latest piece of Smartzer shoppable video technology.

Click here to view the latest Jimmy Choo campaign utilising Smartzer technology live on their site.(scroll down their page to view)

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