Updated: Jul 22, 2020

(A play-through demonstrating Smartzer's interactive video overlay tech at play, as seen on the Feelunique website)

As the Christmas season approaches, more and more brands are gearing up their marketing for the festivities and the onslaught of sales potential the season brings with it. Feelunique, one of the leading online beauty retailers in the UK have chosen to enhance their video content created to market their advent calendars with Smartzer tech.

Increasing product engagement

Smartzer has put Feelunique’s campaign video through the optimisation and design process, and the results are clean, powerful and productive. The relatable and eye-catching creative design of Feelunique’s video features gifts for a special guy, an overworked boss or that one vegan friend everyone has - and is made accessible and easily discoverable through a natural and fluid exploration process designed and powered by Smartzer.