Updated: Jul 22, 2020

(A play-through demonstrating Smartzer's interactive video overlay tech at play, as seen on the Feelunique website)

As the Christmas season approaches, more and more brands are gearing up their marketing for the festivities and the onslaught of sales potential the season brings with it. Feelunique, one of the leading online beauty retailers in the UK have chosen to enhance their video content created to market their advent calendars with Smartzer tech.

Increasing product engagement

Smartzer has put Feelunique’s campaign video through the optimisation and design process, and the results are clean, powerful and productive. The relatable and eye-catching creative design of Feelunique’s video features gifts for a special guy, an overworked boss or that one vegan friend everyone has - and is made accessible and easily discoverable through a natural and fluid exploration process designed and powered by Smartzer.

Streamlined and intuitive product exploration

Smartzer tech increases engagement with products featured in clickable videos by making the exploration journey intuitive and further steps in the purchasing journey easily accessible to the consumer. The viewers need only click on an item as it features on the screen - by engaging with a targeted click prompt in this instance - to bring up further details. The smooth pop-out extending sidebar has a scroll-through feature, displaying all products in the video.

Consumers can now easily access full details on the products without disengaging with the marketing material or video content. The product details embedded into Smartzer’s side drawers in the video overlay shows the viewer the exact contents of each parcel, prices, discounts and is offered the option to ‘BUY NOW’. This streamlines the shopping process and is one of the tech & design elements built into Smartzer’s unique interactive video overlay tech that supercharges engagement and click-through rates.

(Feeluique's shoppable video powered by Smartzer as it sits on their Christmas homepage)

Smartzer and Interactive beauty videos

Smartzer has in the past worked with numerous beauty brands and retailers, and have had great successes in increasing sales through the optimisation and creation of clickable video content for clients. Household names such as Sephora, NARS and Jo Malone have also partnered with Smartzer to increase engagement with their consumers and to monetise video content.

Data as a driver

The data collected by Smartzer’s smart video overlay informs clients of the traffic on their video, click through rates, view through rates, best performing products, and collects a wider array of analytics from all consumers from the moment the video goes live. Whether it be through the brand website, Facebook, Instagram story or in an ad online, Smartzer enhanced interactive videos are a valuable asset for data collection to inform on future and current marketing projects.

The Sephora campaign which has now concluded provides interesting insight into the value provided by Smarter’s video overlay and shoppable functionalities. The client’s animated product videos were made shoppable with Smartzer tech and the design highly customers, perfected to blend seamlessly with the Sephora website UX. Displayed across the French, Spanish, Italian and Polish regional websites the detailed analytics collected provide valuable insight into the successful increase to consumer engagement and monetisation of video content through Smartzer optimisation.

Increased CTA clicks, click-through rates and engagement through shoppable video

The Sephora clickable video campaign had the following results :

34% CTA click rate. CTA was titled ‘ADD TO CART’

9.2% Click-through rate

46.5% Interaction rate

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