Updated: Feb 15, 2021

New York City was flooded with leaders of the media, marketing, entertainment, digital technology and other creative sector representatives during the 15th Annual Advertising Week, from the 1st to the 4th of October 2018. Smartzer founder and CEO Karoline Gross was one of the attendees from around the globe at Adweek 2018.


Over the four days, seminars and workshops on topics ranging from leadership to trend prediction provided valuable opportunity to discuss industry trends and the state of advertising in an even more online and international world. The entire event saw 98,000 industry professionals and experts pass through the doors, as reported by Adweek 2018. The 290+ events and 1216 speakers were well received, and there was much discussion and insight exchanged the industry over over the four days.

Some of the talks attended by our CEO and founder Karoline Gross include :

What Brands Must do to Engage Today’s Conscious Consumers

Presented by Playbuzz

Exploration of how brands are undergoing a ‘digital renaissance’ in order to align themselves more personally with consumers and adapt to evolving consumption habits.

Staying Creative in a World of Data

Vince Lynch, Emily Withrow, QUARTZ

Discussion over the impact of AI on creative industries thus far and predictions for coming years

Video: Omnichannel Strategy in a Fragmented World

Presented by XAXIS

Looking at the evolution of video abilities and platforms in order to discuss the promotion of a user-centric approach, measure the impact of videos, an stand out within an ever adapting market.

Unlocking the Potential of Programmatic Video

Presented by Pubmatic

The influence of video as a strategic marketing component, in terms of its benefits, and the risks associated, followed by a panel discussion exploring whether this strategy is being utilized to the best of its ability.

How Leading CPG Brands are Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Video

Various brand representatives

Discussion of the transformation from traditional TV adverts to individual-specific video marketing strategies in terms of strengths and limitations.

Katie Couric: The Next Chapter

Katie Couric

Presentation by award winning journalist and news anchor into the challenges women face in the media industry and her battle to overcome them.

In all it was an incredibly successful and eye opening trip, and the whole Smartzer team is delighted to have had the chance to be represented at such an important and influential industry event. Access to the breadth of experience represented throughout the event is invaluable for a company such as Smartzer as we continue to strive and fulfill our potential.

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