Smartzer were invited to attend Google’s annual Google Cloud Next 2018 event on the 10th and 11th of October. The team partook in the two day event which focused on exploring how technology is predicted in advance, and offered all attendees valuable insight and the opportunity to engage with some of the best minds involved in cloud technology. Take a look behind the scenes with our CTO Jonny Brankin, and see what was discussed on how individual industries are adapting, innovating and developing their tech informed and guided by anticipation of future game changes and developments.

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What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

For anyone not already deeply entrenched in the world and language of technology, GCP requires some explanation. GCP is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. The platform includes a wide range of Google hosted services for computer storage and application development that run on Google hardware.

What was at the Google Cloud Next 2018?

The team were treated to access to thousands of inventor demonstrations, codelabs, breakouts, bootcamps, innovative and explorative keynotes, leadership panels and plenty more - spanning from the technically focused to the visionarily driven. Jonny went to experience and discover it all first hand, and has brought back a report of the event to share the experience and insights.

The talks at Google Cloud Next 2018

The visionary tech discussions surrounded topics rife with buzzwords such as ‘What’s new in serverless computing’, ‘Machine learning on GCP’ and ‘The future of media’ - all aptly applicable to Smartzer’s development and continual and ever developing brand and tech offerings.

Consumer behaviour and product personalisation

‘The future of media’ was particularly illuminating, and relevant to Jonny and the Smartzer team. The panel featured the Direct of Group TV Distribution Platforms at ITV and Channel 4. Expressing their views on the current climate and trends affecting the industry, the general consensus within the broadcasting space is that there is at present a huge push towards personalisation. For example, recommendations from the channel on what to watch next is based on complex matrices, and isn’t necessarily what the user thinks they would want to watch next. There are intricacies involving the viewer habits and other details from both the individual and general consumer. This is particularly applicable to Smartzer’s future development plans - in particular the upcoming recommendation engine utilising machine learning tech and based off of the data already being collected by Smartzer enhanced interactive videos at present.

Looking towards growth and coping with it sustainably

Another key point that surfaced time and again in numerous talks was Google’s Kubernetes platform, a tool used to manage containers of deployments of an application - thereby enabling the user of the platform to scale to the appropriate demand.

Smartzer looks to the future of interactive video

The recurring theme throughout the Google Cloud Next 2018 was an overarching confirmation of Smartzer’s current undertakings and direction of development. To update Smartzer’s methods of video distribution and the increased focus on not just interactive video optimisation but their personalisation as well has in the opinion of the expert speakers at Google Cloud Next 2018 been the correct directional shift. Smartzer’s platform will stand up to the demands of hosting a product that will be made easily accessible to thousands of users through many different media channels, allowing our interactive shoppable videos to reach as many consumers and brands as is possible in the age of international online reach.

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