Updated: Jul 22, 2020

In partnership with Smartzer, Sephora has released their Christmas video campaign promoting the Christmas gifts for the French market on their website. The interactive video features 35 unique and affordable christmas crackers that reveal products such as the Kat Von D Eye and Lip Duo, Too Faced best sellers and Sephora’s own collection. Packaged in festive crackers, the gifts are made shoppable and easily accessible to consumers through Smartzer’s shoppable video html5 overlay tech.

(The Smartzer optimised Sephora FR Christmas interactive video as it sits on the site. Click here to view and discover the video live)

Sephora interactive video Christmas campaign

The interactive video is easily shoppable and prompts consumers to engage with the products in a fully optimised and aesthetic design. Clear call to action buttons allow customer to add directly to their cart (‘AJOUTER AU PANIER’) from within the video, maximising engagement as consumers watch the video. The CTA makes the shopping experience intuitive and successfully converts curious viewers into purchasing customers through the video. As has been seen in other Smartzer projects, consumers are far more likely to engage and purchase products through these optimised videos.

Creating and engaging brand website

The video sits on the site, on the homepage for the christmas promotions. The flow of the interactive video is intuitive, and encourages consumer engagement, which leverages the high-quality video content to generate sales directly within the video marketing content. The embedded shoppable video experience drives up engagement with the products, whilst ensuring the consumer does not disengage when they click on the first product of interest that they see. Smartzer helps Sephora maximise on their video content in a tangible way.

Interactive videos collecting consumer data

Sephora benefits from Smartzer's shoppable technology in a multitude of ways. One more of the services wrapped into the package from Smartzer is consumer behavioural data. The interactive video collects KPI based data on all consumers of the video, from all viewing platforms and all channels of distribution, be them social, in paid ads or on their own website.

Click-through rates, product engagement, add-to-cart clicks, dwell times, view-through rates and many more metrics and analytics are collected by the Smartzer enhanced video, and is reported back to Sephora. Clients can use these data points to inform their future campaigns, and make smarter and more targeted video content - as well as strategise their product line-ups for subsequent campaigns video or static.

A beautiful interactive video to match every brand

The single link to the video on the Smartzer platform automatically optimises itself for viewing on any device, and the entire video overlay is design in-house at Smartzer to match the vibe of the client brand aesthetic and the design of their website.

Smartzer and Sephora have partnered on multiple projects, to create and distribute engaging videos. Smartzer tech helps monetise video content and has been successful in increasing click-through rates and product discovery journeys both within the interactive videos and without - around the brand website. Come the Christmas season, quality video content marketing materials are being produced by brands in the beauty industry and outside it too, targeting consumers with strong buying intention and capturing their attention. These engaged consumers are increasingly, with the help of Smartzer tech being converted into revenue generating leads and valuable sources of consumer behavioural data.

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