Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Zimmermann and Smartzer have partnered to release an interactive video for the launch of their San Francisco store. The Zimmermann Resort 2019 campaign features supermodel Gemma Ward exploring San Francisco during the summer, and highlights Zimmermann’s beautiful intricate yet light designs. The Zimmermann video sits on the brand's website for their international markets.

An interactive video for Zimmermann x San Francisco

Smartzer’s video overlay has revamped the way in which consumers interact with video content. The Zimmermann San Francisco store video is now an easy shopping and product discovery experience. The flow is intuitive, and encourages consumer engagement, which leverages the high-quality video content to generate sales directly from it. The embedded shoppable video experience drives up engagement with the content, whilst ensuring the consumer does not disengage when they click on the first product of interest that they see. Smartzer tech allows brands to maximise on their video content in a tangible way.

Shoppable videos that collect consumer behavioural data

As with all other Smartzer interactive video campaigns, the Zimmermann shoppable video has been collecting behavioural data on consumers since it launched. KPI based metrics and analytics such as click-through rates, engagement rate, view-through rates and more are collected and provided to the client. This valuable data has until now been a lost asset, which Smartzer captures and provides to the client as part of the service. Clients can now use this data to inform their future campaigns, and optimise their future content to generate greater revenue and promote engagement across the board.

Interactive video optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop

Smartzer’s video platform has automatically optimised Zimmermann’s video campaign for all viewing devices - mobiles, tablets and desktops of all shapes and sizes across the world. Capitalising on traffic coming from any source is paramount to understanding more about your consumers, and generating more sales and product discover leads. Smartzer tech makes adapting and providing an easy and seamless experience to all customers easily manageable, as it is all encompassed in a single embed link.

A customised interactive video overlay

The bespoke HTML5 video overlay makes the interactive aspects of the video content marketing campaign blend seamlessly with the overall UX and design of the Zimmermann site. Central to the Smartzer team’s design process is the experience and design aesthetic of the place of distribution for the video. If it is mid or pre-roll for a paid video ad, the design will be tailored to be most engaging and to suit the channel best. If the video is bound of social media distribution, the fonts and entire design of the interactive video html5 overlay will be made bespoke for the feel of the feed, and for optimising engagement there. In this case, the Zimmermann aesthetic was the driving force behind the Smartzer in-house design team. Working with this in mind, the interactive video produced blends seamlessly with the rest of the Zimmermann Resort 2019 feel.

(A photo reel of the Zimmermann Resort 2019 interactive video, and its features being used on the Zimmermann brand site. Click here to view it live and explore its features yourself)

Increasing product exploration and increasing sales through interactive videos

All pieces from each look can be discovered, and more information accessed whilst still in the video - which pauses when the viewer engages with a particular item, to ensure that they don’t miss a single second of the beautifully crafted video content. Clear call to action prompts (‘SHOP’) direct customers to the product page, making an easy and clear purchasing path available to the consumers.

The Zimmermann Resort 2019 interactive lookbook video featuring Gemma Ward in San Francisco, and utilising Smartzer tech has been primed to capture valuable data from their consumers, to generate more sales and to encourage further product discovery. Product clicks direct consumers easily to the product page, where they can view more details and purchase the pieces exactly as they are featured in the video content.

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