Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Downtown LA was the place to be for the two days of November 13th and 14th last month, as established and upcoming fashion brands, raw material suppliers, emerging technology companies, investors, media, and the fashion forward gathered to witness the first ever Remode fashion event. Their intention was to bring together the industry’s ‘brightest and boldest minds’, so for the Smartzer brand to be invited to showcase our innovative interactive video marketing platform alongside 48 other developing exhibitors was an invitation we couldn’t possibly decline! It was of further excitement to see that Remode had partnered up with New York Fashion Tech Lab- a business growth and collaboration platform who chose Smartzer in 2016 to partake in their development program.

Rebecca Minkoff

Earlier in the year Remode shared the staggering statistic that 72% of millennials report buying fashion and beauty products based on Instagram posts. This shift in consumer patterns for the growing generation demands that brands evolve to optimise their online presence and accessibility, hence our excitement at being able to share our shoppable video overlay and demonstrate to brands both big and small the possibilities we can bring to their content marketing.

Remode promotes the belief that the fashion industry must not only evolve with consumer demands, but also with ‘clear purpose and transparency’ to create a more sustainable chain of business in order to combat being the second largest polluter of industrial enterprises.


In contrary to the trend of brands moving from brick and mortar to online, it was very interesting to hear the opposite story from The Real Real who have just recently opened their first retail store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles following huge online success.

The Real Real panel event post Remode