Updated: Feb 15, 2021

With 93% of marketers using video and businesses publishing on average 18 videos each month, video has never had a bigger focus in marketing strategies. There is also a fast-growing trend of making videos interactive and shoppable by adding clickable hotspots to videos.

“Tech giants and social media companies have been heavily investing in making their platforms more shopping-friendly. Last year, Amazon launched Amazon Live, where hosts talk about and demonstrate products sold on Amazon. Google’s R&D launched Shoploop, and Facebook has made shopping more prominent on Facebook proper, WhatsApp and Instagram.” CNBC

When a viewer is watching the interactive video they can click on the hotspots to instantly see more information and to shop. This provides the viewer with a fun way to engage with video and easily access more information. It also helps brands to convert more customers and access interaction data to better understand video performance.

1. Sharing the interactive videos on an ecommerce site

Including interactive and shoppable videos on an ecommerce website is a highly effective way of making your website stand out. Video commerce enables customers to instantly discover items from videos, which helps with site navigation as well as increasing overall engagement and sales. Especially on mobile devices where navigation across various product and category pages can be difficult, it is crucial to make product discovery and shopping as easy as possible.

If the interactive video features shoppable products, the video can be seamlessly connected with the ecommerce website shopping cart allowing for a single click checkout process.

2. Sharing interactive videos through email newsletter / CRM

Interactive videos can be used to amplify client communication via email newsletters and other CRM tools. Interactive and shoppable video experiences can be launched directly from a newsletter, creating a more immersive experience for customers. The interactive videos also help drive users to more specific pages on your website, which in turn can increase conversion rates by sending more qualified traffic. Including interactive videos in newsletters is very simple and adds a new depth to this content marketing strategy.

This format can also be used to share exclusive content in interactive video format to a select group of customers.

3. Sharing interactive videos via social media

Photo: Smartzer & MINI Interactive Facebook & Instagram Campaign

Social media channels have been at the forefront of providing shoppable formats. Instagram began using shoppable images before introducing live shopping formats, tuning into TV shopping channels like QVC HSN.

In addition to using the platform's native tools, brands can also share external interactive video experiences through stories, posts, and ads. This is particularly helpful for advertisers and influencers who don’t have their own product catalogues and promote products from multiple other brands and retailers.