Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A brand new path has emerged for merchants in the form of shoppable content. The possibilities provided by the format appear endless, but how receptive is the 2021 customer to interactive and shoppable content marketing?

It is no secret that the world is constantly adapting to new forms of technology. Human's are always looking to make life easier and often the solution lies on the internet and within our smart phones. With new developments in these areas, our expectations for technology and how we interact online are getting higher and higher. The pandemic has only accelerated this rise.

In fact, in 2021, 59% of customers around the globe have higher customer service expectations than they did a year ago (Microsoft).

There SO many ways in which shoppable content is helping to meet this expectation. Although it has since been around for a while, marketers are only just seeing the shoppable light because...

It gives you instant access to products! Say "goodbye" to endless google searching for that models exact outfit!

Nowadays, customers crave the instantaneous, on-demand shopping experience. Rapid shoppable technology advancements have condensed the purchase funnel more than ever before. Whether it's on social media or on Ecommerce landing pages, it is pushing for bigger, better and quicker revenue.

See something you like? This see now, buy now philosophy supported by shoppable video means the online browsing experience has been simplified and made even more seamless through clickability. Revolutionary, add to cart functionality means that the viewer can buy straight from the video.

The customer is introduced to a more relevant, more personalised approach to online shopping!

Video interactivity has opened the door to audience participation. The customer can now play a role in video content marketing by clicking on product hotspots to view information about products they choose. Customers can click to choose their favourite colour, their size and more to add items to their bag.

It introduces a more engaging, exciting, gamified experience!

With an overwhelming amount of content being distributed across the internet every second, the attention spans of consumers are narrowing. This means it takes a lot for customers to stop and take notice of material. Interactive video provides an exciting, gamified experience that draws in the consumer and holds their attention for longer than standard video. After all, the more engaging the material, the more memorable the brand becomes.

Customers can now get to know their favourite brands more than ever before!

Shoppable formats such as live stream shopping offer customers behind the scenes access to their favourite brands. By signing up to receive invites to live shop events, customers can feel connected to brands through exclusive content with real time video opening the door to virtual face-to-face communication with brand representatives.

Livestream shopping has generated a wide range of real-time content such as virtual consultations, showrooms, shopalongs and tutorials. The opportunities seem to be pretty endless when it comes to shoppable content.

So what's next?

As more brands jump on the shoppable trend, video interactivity will gradually become the norm. Soon, it's possible that standard, flat video will fizzle out with customer expectation lying in shoppable video.

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