Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Shopify offers a lot of resources in one place to help brands grow their businesses. But which apps are actually effective?

With this in mind, we've curated a list of some of the best and most exciting plugins that could take your brand to the next level. These apps are tailored to help you to promote your brand effectively, sell high quantities to customers and generate revenue and brand popularity.

Whether it's through video on Shopify, marketing ads, social media posts, stock management or stock creation these apps can help your brand succeed...


Smartzer's interactive video app helps brands to create clickable video on Shopify. You can add an interactive overlay to your video that you can tag with product information. Viewers will then be able to click on product hotspots to find out details and make purchases through calls-to-action like 'buy now', 'sign up to mailing list' and 'add to cart'. This shortens the path to purchase and offers viewers with an easy way to buy directly from video content marketing. You can use shoppable video on Shopify product pages or even create live shopping Shopify experiences with the app. Using live shopping Shopify customers can make purchases in real-time and directly from a brands broadcast.


PickyStory helps you to efficiently up-sell and cross-sell to boost your Shopify store. Use the app to show highly customisable deals that can be displayed on any page of your store. You can easily sell multiple products together in bundles (auto or manual) on your product pages, create a gallery of shoppable looks, use kits for tiered pricing offers, let customers create their own product bundle, aggregate multiple products and sell as one, and more. PickyStory auto-syncs your inventory at SKU level, making it easier than ever to keep track of your stock. PickyStory’s deals are all created with clicks (no coding skills required) and fully customisable to integrate seamlessly into your store.


Intelistyle's AI Fashion styling app recommends personalised outfit ideas to customers. AI searches the internet for the hottest trends and applies them to the customer based on region, body type, hair, skin tone and personal style. The app allows online retailers to create outfits out of every product in their Shopify store. The app has a chat bot which allows customers to get tailored fashion advice as well as similar recommendations for products that are out of stock. The app automatically tags your products with the right labels to help you manage your stock efficiently.


BeProfit's profit calculator app provides a hassle free way for businesses to keep track of finance in one intuitive dashboard. The app integrates with all your ad platforms to deliver valuable insights on your ad spend, ROAS, best-performing ads, and more. BeProfit also lets you create, share and export custom reports or use predefined report templates, as well as calculate your Customer Lifetime Value - a key metric to take into account.


DelightChat is a Shopify helpdesk to manage customer support across channels like email, Facebook, and Instagram from a single screen. Fast-growing Shopify stores use it to streamline customer service requests, reduce response time, and stay on top of all customer queries. With DelightChat, you can view all Shopify order data next to the tickets, seamlessly collaborate with your team, automate your repetitive queries and analyze your support performance with detailed reporting. An easy-to-use interface, powerful features, and affordable pricing make DelightChat a great choice for modern eCommerce & DTC brands looking to deliver delightful support experiences.

Consolto Video Chat

Consolto helps brands to communicate with customers using live shopping Shopify experiences. Using chat bots and video calls, Consolto brings the benefits of offline, in-person shopping, online. This form of video on Shopify builds customer trust as customers can ask brand representatives questions in real time. It also provides brands with the opportunity to upsell their products.

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Social Photos: create social proof from UGC

The Social photos app helps you to feature customer photos on your site. You can display user driven content from Instagram in a customer gallery. Consumers tag your brand and products then you can choose whether to feature them on your Shopify product page. Use posts to sell products through direct links and drive revenue from organic content. You can create social proof and flatter customers by showcasing their pictures in a gallery on your site.

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OptinMonster helps brands to turn visitors into customers with CRM and onsite marketing campaigns. The app can drive more e-mail newsletter signups, reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase sales and revenue. By creating onsite marketing campaigns such as sticky popups, floating bars, slide in scroll box, gamified spin to win campaigns you can hook customers and generate sales. Create drag and drop ad campaign builders with targeting display rules. The app also provides you with tools to build effective CRM campaigns.

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Back in Stock: Customer Alerts

SureSwift Capital's app allows brands to send notifications to customers when items are back in stock. Customers sign up with their details to receive updates on product availability. This means that businesses don't lose out on sales even though items are sold out. It improves the likelihood of product sales upon restock. The app also helps businesses to understand which products are the most popular so they can monitor stock levels.

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Printful allows businesses without factories and warehouse's to print a variety of products to sell in their stores. You can print anything from T-shorts, bags, mugs to stationary. Printful manages inventory and sends products out when they are ready. The easy app means that design skills aren't necessary and it offers discounts and print deals.

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