How to stand out from the crowd on social media using shoppable images and video.

Social media has rapidly become one of the number one tools for product discovery. As a result, you would be a fool not to use platforms to get the word out about your brand. However, in order to do this effectively, your content needs to be both engaging and memorable.

Interactive, shoppable content is the latest trend sweeping the internet. Scrollers can tap, swipe, spin and zoom in on posts to find out more information about products. Content like this achieves 3-4 x more engagement than standard video. So, there are many benefits for using shoppability in social media marketing campaigns.

How to make interactive video and images work on social media

Interactive video platforms and sharing across the internet

You can easily learn how to make interactive videos by using a platform like Smartzer. Standard videos can be turned into interactive campaigns by adding a clickable overlay. This overlay allows creators to tag product information to hotspots to create informative popups. These can feature calls to action such as "buy now", "add to cart" , "sign up now" and more. Viewers can click these buttons to be transported to product pages, ecommerce landing pages and sometimes allow viewers to shop directly from the video. Once created, there are three ways that brands can share.

1. Sharing on ecommerce sites

You can embed videos on ecommerce pages to make your website stand out. Using shoppable content on ecommerce landing pages instantly grabs the attention of the viewer and allows for easy product discovery. This feature can even be used as an in-app feature in iOS and Android.

2. Sharing in email newsletters

Using interactive campaigns in email newsletters is a great way to clearly lay out new products via client communication. You can include a gif image of your video and attach your shoppable video URL. When clicked, the link will pull up a window with your video that the user can shop. This opens a new opportunity for product discovery and directs qualified traffic to your ecommerce, increasing conversion rates.

3. Sharing socially

It is possible to share videos across social media through stories, posts and ads on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat. Simply add a link in bio, swipe up on story, link in ads on platform ad managers or link in a post caption. This will direct your audience to your shoppable video.

Not only can you do this with on demand content, but you can use the same methods to share links to shoppable livestreams.

Check out these exciting examples of shoppable content shared via social media, CRM and on ecommerce...

Levi's and TikTok, shoppable, swipe up ads

This Levi's ad on TikTok has been made shoppable through the "learn more" call to action. When tapped, the viewer is directed straight to the campaign page. At the end of the 15 second ad, the end screen allows you to click to replay.

MINI Countryman ads on Facebook and Instagram in partnership with Smartzer

MINI turned standard videos into a dynamic, shoppable social media experience. The posts featured a learn more CTA that opened the shoppable player. Consumers could click to learn more about parts of the car and book a test drive.

Dior shows us how to make interactive video suitable for CRM

Using Smartzer 's interactive player, Dior created a beautiful and shoppable campaign video featuring single product popups. By clicking a CTA in the email, the customer was directed to the video to shop the featured accessories.