Updated: Feb 12, 2021

How to easily transform your store into an online shoppable experience using Smartzer technology.

The global impact of the COVID-19 crisis has been immeasurable. The lockdown measures implemented by governments globally have caused major upheaval for businesses and made much of their brick and mortar infrastructure become obsolete. As lockdown measures begin to be lifted, the consumer appetite for online shopping continues to grow. Because of this companies are now looking to bring their in-store experience online in order to make the most of their investments and adhere to their customer’s behaviors.

Creating online store experiences that live up to physical in-store experiences can be a daunting task, however, through the use of Smartzer technology, the task has never been more straightforward. Here is our simple guide demonstrating how store owners can easily create an online shopping experience by using readily available tools.


Step 1 - Film your store

In order to capture your store experience, simply create a ‘walk-through’ video of your store. If you have a lack of filming equipment a modern-day smartphone can do the trick. Click record and slowly walk through your store filming each item in situ and panning from one to the next. Once complete, feel free to add an additional soundtrack to your video using video editing software. Here are a few royalty-free sites in which you can find a range of tracks:

Step 2 - Build your interactive video

After creating your video simply upload it to the Smartzer Editor along with all the relevant information of the products you wish to feature. In order to make the video shoppable, connect each item to a product landing page, alternatively feel free to add a customised call to action for each product depending on availability.

By using the Smartzer Editing Suite, you can drag and drop each item to the video and generate clickable hotspots to your video. The intuitive interface is easy to use, with a 1-2 minute video taking up to 15 minutes to create.

Step 3 - Embed your video on your website / share through social media

Once completed, the video can now be easily embedded on your website. With no integration needed, the interactive video is compatible with any website and works efficiently on different browsers and devices. You can also distribute the interactive video via social media channels to maximise the reach of the experience.


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