Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Learn how to style Max Mara's SS2021 collection through Brown Thomas's interaction video series.

Luxury fashion has never been simpler with the Brown Thomas's series lead by style guru, Sinead Keenan. Using Smartzer's interaction video player, the Irish retailer was able to make tutorials shoppable.

Using this form of video ecommerce effectively educates the viewer on how to wear the collection. This provides an online, personal shopping experience that reflects the benefits of in-store shopping. Seeing the pieces demonstrated by a variety of models gives customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.


Smartzer's clickable overlay was applied to the styling videos so viewers could tap to view items in the look. Once clicked, the hotspot brings up a group popup in which the viewer can choose their product, size and add it to their bag. A side carousel brings up all the featured looks with all the shoppable products. At the end of the video the replay screen brings up all the products previously shown for the customer to reconsider.

Check out the shoppable content live on Brown Thomas's landing page here!


Brown Thomas's use of video ecommerce featured the following:

  • Styling video with guest host

  • Clickable overlay with hotspots on selected looks

  • Browsable group popup

  • Sizing selection and add to bag functionality

  • Shoppable carousel showing all the featured looks

  • Replay screen with shoppable carousel


Using shoppable content in a tutorial format provides a personal shopping experience. Through interaction video, viewers can choose products that are relevant to them, select sizing and add straight to their basket. Brown Thomas's style series with Max Mara makes style advice accessible from the comfort of the viewers home.

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