Luxury Australian retailer David Jones partnered with Smartzer to deliver a wide range of shoppable segments, catered to everyone!

For their campaign "The Wonderlist", David Jones produced a series of gorgeous collection page header videos. Varying from menswear, womenswear and even petwear, the videos introduced a whole new dimension to the onsite shopping experience.

Using light box technology, anyone visiting the page could instantly shop the collection by popping out the video from a call to action button. This meant that customers could watch and instantly shop products without needing to search through the entire site. As a result, the shoppable videos provided site visitors with a uniquely instant and direct way to purchase.


Using Smartzer's innovative interactive video technology, David Jones tagged 7 videos in total and made each and everyone into a shoppable experience:

This included:

Women's Denim

Men's Denim

Women's Getaway

Men's Workwear

Women's Workwear

Men's Events

Women's weekend

Each video featured an interactive overlay tagged with product information. The viewer could click a look and shop all of the items included without having to search. The scrollable sidebar allowed for easy product discovery and pushed for even more engagement with the brand. As the video ends, the viewer can shop all of the products again, just in case they missed anything.

The execution of these above the collection pages meant that users could learn about the products in a more immersive and memorable way.


By using Smartzer's interactive video platform, David Jones' shoppable video content resulted in the following features:

  • Video hotspot technology allowing the brand to add a clickable overlay to their videos

  • Product tags complete with look images and all of the featured items

  • Dynamic onsite experience as a result of heightened interactivity

  • Seamless integration with the David Jones site, with bespoke player styling

  • Multiple products together in one unique experience leading to fast discovery and increased purchases

  • Browsable side carousel with all of the looks included

  • Replay screen featuring a product summary to shop again


Using shoppable video as collection page headers can transform the basic onsite experience to offer a unique and memorable way to shop. Customers no longer have to search site wide for their favourite products and can make instant purchases from the videos. Using a range of video content across the site can help brands to reach a variety of audiences to target all demographics.

David Jones proves how Smartzer's interactive and shoppable video can elevate ecommerce and allow a brand to stand out from the crowd.