Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Thanks to smartphones, taking your business online is a necessity in the 21st Century. If you aren't already online, you could be missing out on massive revenue.

What is needed to sell online?

Firstly, you will need a website that visitors can buy from. There are loads of platforms that can help you get started such as Wordpress, Magento, Big Commerce and Shopify. Once you have set up your business up on an ecommerce platform, you can then get busy marketing it.

When creating content to market your ecommerce you need to consider every stage of the purchase funnel and optimise your site to suit your target consumers needs. The key stages are as follows:

Awareness: consumer comes across your brand (advert, social media post, email, search engine).

Interest: consumer shows interest in your brand and begins to explore it in more detail (click through to product page, ecommerce site).

Consideration: consumer considers buying the product, looks for more information such as reviews or product comparisons.

Conversion: consumer decides to make a purchase, sign up to a mailing list or book a consultation etc.

How to give your ecommerce an edge

Understanding the funnel makes a good start, but creating content that engages and educates to lock the customer in at every stage can boost your revenue massively.

Video ecommerce is optimised for most stages of the funnel. That's why 86% of marketers use video in their content marketing strategies. However, the effectiveness of standard video can be difficult to measure through metrics. One effective solution to this is shoppable, interactive video.

Using interactive video platforms like Smartzer can help you turn standard video into shoppable content that converts. Video ecommerce can drive your customer quickly down the purchase funnel, here's how it works...

Interactive video engages and informs the viewer early on in the purchase funnel. Consumers can click to explore hotspots that provide information on product offerings. This educates the consumer in a short space of time and the clickable elements turn the passive viewer into an active participant. This grabs their attention and reduces user drop off. 'Hotspot' product popups contain calls to action that encourage viewers to click through to product pages, add items to bag or book an appointment straight from the video. This pushes the consumer towards the conversion stage, giving them a direct way to buy. As a result, the awareness phase can be measured through views, the interest stage can be measured through clicks on popups and the consideration phase can be measured through CTR. This means that interactive video platforms can help you to create entirely measurable and monetised content.

Using interactive video ecommerce can increase conversions by 400%, especially when used on ecommerce landing pages as well as sharing on social media. They provide an effective, engaging way to quickly turn uninformed visitors into qualified traffic.

Stay on top of trends

With interactive formats trending, applying these to your ecommerce can take your brand to the next level and maintain its relevancy.

In fact, live shop formats are the latest trend sweeping the internet.

Similar to shoppable videos, live shop formats allow customers to shop directly from the stream. However, viewers can make purchases in real time. These exciting shopping events provide a virtual solution to in-person shopping, engage viewers and encourage impulse purchases.

Using live shopping on your ecommerce can help you to connect with your audience and boost your brands popularity and customer loyalty. Interactive video platforms like Smartzer can help you to embed live streams on your online store in a quick and simple way.

For more information on live shop formats and video ecommerce visit Smartzer here!