Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Many head to apps like Instagram and Facebook for product information and inspiration. Consequently, many social media users follow fashion, beauty, food or fitness influencers to stay informed on what’s hot. In an astonishing fact sourced by Google, 4 in 10 Millennials said their favourite influencer understood them better than their friends. This has placed influencers on a powerful pedestal that brands can capitalise to build a bigger, more loyal customer base.

How are brands partnering with influencers?

Brands have been using shoppable video and streaming commerce to connect with customers via influencers. The medium seamlessly integrates direct purchase options with immersive and interactive content. Smartzer’s interactive tag video platform adds a clickable overlay to video content. This might be over an influencers livestream, image or video post. The brand will add the desired links to Smartzer's software either manually, via Product Feed or via Product API. This will enable the viewer to click the products and access details and purchase options as the video continues to play. This tech speeds up the route to purchase for a consumer, increasing the chance of a conversion. By combining trustworthy influencers with instantly informative interactive video brands can win big.

Here are some of the ways brands are implementing this strategy…