Content marketing has evolved greatly over the decades; from print, to drawings, then to images and now video and live streaming have entered the chat. Static, idle content just isn't cutting it any more for customers; they are now expecting that content has some aspect of shoppability so that they can discover, learn about and buy products seamlessly and with as little clicks as possible.

Unlike the pre-internet world, brands no longer have to solely consider bricks and mortar selling, they now have the digital world to think about. According to Shopify's recent Future of Commerce report, the most successful brands don't treat treat online and offline selling as separate entities- but as equally important forms of commerce that each require strategy. Shoppable content has revolutionised the way brands and consumers interact and engage on digital platforms and it is crucial that brands are constantly evolving their shoppable offering in order to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

The creation of e-commerce (and social media) means that millions of shoppers are clicking on posts, pages, stories and videos every month in order to learn more about products. They do this for inspiration, to find new products, be educated on specific features, and ultimately to convert. However, the purchase journey isn't always smooth; customers may convinced to buy an item, but how do they purchase? Before shoppability, this meant a multiple click journey that not only was difficult for brands to track but meant customers often gave up or got bored.

Today's consumer demands the ultimate shopping experience with few clicks and minimal redirects; enter shoppability! But what are the best formats for brands to use, where they can maximise margins and minimise friction? Here are two popular formats taking the commerce world by a storm;

Shoppable Video

Shoppable video is a fantastic format for transforming video content into interactive & shoppable digital experiences. Brands can take campaign videos, runway shows, ad campaigns, repurposed influencer content, styling videos, educational pieces and add an interactive overlay that allows customers to click on hotspots to discover featured products and add to cart directly from the video.

Brands can add custom tags that highlight specific features of a product, for example; the automotive industry can use the hotspots to bring certain features of the car to life. For beauty brands, they can easily tag up tutorials with specific products so that customers can easily discover & purchase. Jewellery & fashion brands can bundle products into a 'shop the look' functionality where customers can buy all the products of a certain look. The possibilities are endless with shoppable video!

Click on the image to explore Oroton's shoppable campaign, powered by Smartzer!

Live Shopping

Live commerce, having originated in the East, has become a global phenomenom - with global brands such as Levi’s, Macy’s, Samsung, Aldo, Sephora, Walmart, Forever 21, Very UK and Charlotte Tilbury all implementing the format in some form or another, hosting various shoppable events throughout the past year.

Western brands have adapted live shopping to suit their brand image and customers needs and online selling has never quite been the same since! Live shopping is set to grow even faster in 2022 and it’s here to stay. It has been estimated by McKinsey that it will make up 20% of global ecommerce by 2026.

The format allows brands to host curated, premium and authentic experiences for their customers, and has been hailed as the next best thing to being able to experience a product in store. Furthermore, some brands have even began to live stream from stores (sometimes with influencers), or other offline events, allowing customers from around the world to tune in and experience these events digitally. The offline and online worlds are no longer mutually exclusive thanks to live shopping- and brands can get as creative as they want! The products are brought to life in an authentic, entertaining and interactive manner.

Click image to explore Very UK's live shopping event, powered by Smartzer.

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