Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The pandemic has forced everyone to adapt. Retailers have been among many who are facing permanent change even after COVID 19. The key change? A big move from offline to online solutions.

The global shift towards online selling and buying has highlighted the importance of the internet and how vital it is to drive immense revenue. In particular, the power of online video has to turn viewers into informed customers.

There has been a considerable surge in brands delving into streaming commerce formats. With no traffic to physical stores, brands needed to use different online methods to drive traffic to ecommerce. Brightcove’s Q1 2020 Global Video Index showed that retail and video content marketing views were up 135% year over year. Even with restrictions easing and the re-opening of the high-street, views continued to rise by 82%.

Using video content in marketing campaigns and on ecommerce is a great way to show products in a dynamic, exciting, engaging and clear way. Customers trust videos as they often give a 360 degree view of a product in action. This builds consumer confidence and encourages them to make the sale. Understanding the benefit of video, brands have looked towards advanced video solutions for showcasing products. For example tag videos that display detailed product information when clicked ie, shoppable videos. Additionally live streaming commerce formats that allow viewers to watch sales events in real time.