When marketing your brand, everyone knows it is important to share the most relevant content.

This year we have seen the rise of shoppable technology within video content marketing. Live stream shopping events have taken the world by storm, allowing brands to step up when bricks and mortar stores were closed.

The highly engaging, clickable videos allow viewers to play a role in the content with direct links to products encouraging customers to take immediate action to purchase. In fact, MAGNA research indicates that people spend almost 50% more time engaging with interactive videos, and shoppable videos boost up purchase intent ninefold.

Inside Retail notes, one company tracked its shoppable video metrics and discovered that 41% of the people who watched its videos dropped something in their virtual shopping online carts.

It is clear that interactive video technology is extremely effective for brands. Here are some of the best practices we've seen emerge in 2021.

Shoppable video sharing on social media

Using social media to boost brand awareness is key to maintain a strong customer following. With so much content posted across social platforms every second, businesses are starting to realise the benefits of using interactive video to stand out from the crowd.

By linking to shoppable video players in stories, posts and as a link in bio, brands can pull in a customer from a sea of content. The interactive elements encourage the viewer to stay longer in the content, informing them quickly about a product and providing them with a direct link to purchase. This pushes the viewer quickly down the shopping funnel.

Here is a stunning example of shoppable and interactive video used on social media:

By using social media to market their shoppable live stream, Clarks managed to draw an audience to their live shop event by swiping up on an Instagram story. By selling products online in real time, brands can replicate the benefits of in-person shopping digitally.

Shoppable video content embedded on Ecommerce

Embedding shoppable content on Ecommerce landing pages can elevate the viewers shopping experience and introduce them to a range of new products. Why not take your site visitor straight to information using a dynamic, engaging and exciting video to turn them from uninformed to informed traffic.

This year, we have seen plenty of brands embark on the shoppable trend with content on Ecommerce. Check out Zimmermann's gorgeous example:

Viewers can explore entire campaigns in 360 degrees, getting a clear overview of how the products would look in real life. The interactive video breathes life into the shopping experience, elevating video to be entirely viewer inclusive and highly memorable.

Shoppable Ad Units

Even advertising has been given the shoppable face lift this year. More and more brands are moving towards entirely interactive video ads, incorporating clickable content into campaigns. Interactive and clickable ad units push viewers to stop and notice brand content instead of just scrolling past. Check out this example from Volkswagen and Inskin:

Shoppable ad units stand out to the viewer. This example is unmissable and draws the viewer in straight away. The viewer could click the video to explore aspects of the car in more detail making for a unique, informative experience.