Black Friday is THE shopping event in the run up to Christmas.

With many people knee deep in their Christmas shopping, the event provides a crucial opportunity to grab some insane bargains from top high-street brands.

This year the highly anticipated date falls on Friday the 26th November. However, with COVID-19 still impacting many countries, brands could be doubting whether shoppers will want to make the effort to come into a potentially packed store in person.

As a result, businesses may be looking towards new digital methods to sell in anticipation of bricks and motor store shopping being the less popular option.

Live stream shopping and streaming commerce opportunities have proven a life saver for E-commerce during the global pandemic. There is no reason why brands shouldn't harness the revolutionary technology to broadcast deals to the masses this Black Friday and beyond.

The US live stream shopping market is expected to reach $25 billion by 2023. Up $14 billion in 3 years.

This proves that the future of E-commerce lies within real-time shopping experiences that take advantage of the social elements of conversational commerce to push impulse purchases.

After all, impulse purchases are the driving force behind Black Friday. Combine this with real-time live stream shopping experiences and shoppable video content and you could see conversion rates sky rocket.

Interactive video platforms can help you boost your engagement rates by 3-4X this Black Friday with streaming commerce and shoppable video.

Shoppable videos can help your brand clearly advertise the hottest deals on E-commerce landing pages and direct customers straight to their perfect purchase.

Interactive video platforms like Smartzer allow businesses to add a clickable overlay to pre-existing video content. Brands can tag direct links to products pages alongside pricing info, sizing drop downs and even an 'add to cart' button. Dynamic video content grips the viewer while the clickable hotspots engage and provide customers with an instant way to buy. This massively reduces the path to purchase and drives revenue through the roof.

Save your customers the panic of searching for products this Christmas and Black Friday with shoppable video.

By the end of 2021, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic

Streaming commerce can connect brands and customers live from their homes. Demonstrate how products work in exclusive, one-off sale events that engage customers. You can add product popups as your stream plays to give viewers a direct link to buy. Live stream shopping events provide a personalised experience via a chat bar that allows hosts and viewers to communicate.

You can incorporate countdowns, use live streams to boost your flash sales, and announce a referral program or coupon code. You could do these things with other forms of content, too, but there are very few forms of content that offer the interactivity and engagement of live streaming.

Check out Samsung's exclusive event that allowed viewers to shop one-off coupon deals via the magic of streaming commerce:

Streaming commerce can help your brand reach thousands of customers online and overcome barriers put in place by the global pandemic.

This Black Friday, use an interactive video platform to create a personalised, sociable shopping experience for customers at home to drive rapid, impulsive purchases.