Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Over the past year our lives have been consumed by the internet.

In socially distanced times, we have moved online to connect with our family, friends, colleagues and our favourite brands!

In 2020, there were 256 million digital buyers in the US and it's predicted that there will be nearly 280 million by 2024. This rapid increase means that not only will brands have to adapt their online strategies, but they will have to start adapting now.

So, how has content and video content marketing changed as a result of this huge increase and how will things change?

Most digital customers are looking towards social media for product discovery and purchase.

With bricks and mortar stores closed, customers have had to seek inspiration online. Social media has the capacity to reach millions of people extremely quickly. For example, a video on TikTok could last 60 seconds and go viral in minutes. Brands are realising the impact of creating product posts and sharing them widely. Product tags and direct links to ecommerce mean that consumers are taken from a post directly to a product page to make a purchase. As a result, conversion rates are boosted by the power of social media.

Video interactivity is becoming more and more valued, particularly through livestream shopping experiences.

Livestream shopping has provided customers with an exciting way to connect in real-time. By partnering with influencers and interactive video platforms, brands are strengthening brand loyalty and encouraging viewers to make impulse buys. In China, livestream shopping has been around for years. Globally, this is picking up speed right now. Video interactivity is supported via chatrooms and purchasable product popups. The host has the capacity to make the experience even more personal by providing behind the scenes content and presenting a human side to the brand.

Consumers expect digitally interactive and shoppable video experiences.

Consumers are getting used to seeing interactive video content marketing online. Interactive videos result in 3x-4x greater viewer engagement and conversion than traditional video, making the format extremely valuable. As a result, interactive video platforms like Smartzer are becoming increasingly popular with brands. Businesses can add an interactive overlay to their videos which they can tag with product information. Consumers can shop directly from videos, answer questions, polls or input data to get a personalised, bespoke video. Branching videos gamify experiences to engage viewers with decide your destiny content. This unique form of digital content entices viewers, moving them quickly down the purchase funnel to achieve conversions.

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