Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Without realising, our internet browsing experiences are now filled with shoppable content

So what is shoppable content?

Anything can be made shoppable if it provides the consumer with the opportunity to buy from it. For example: social media posts, blog posts, native articles, livestream shopping, images and videos. Shoppable content provides the consumer with an easy way to buy either from a link or from a clickable call-to-action such as 'buy now' or 'add to cart'.

Why are we seeing more content like this? Especially shoppable video?

More than 50% of buyers say that these personalised online experiences are important to them. The beauty of clickable video and shoppable content is that it supports user interactivity. The viewer can click on an interactive overlay to find out product information or choose options to personalise the content that they see. This gives them a bespoke and memorable digital experience of the brand. , Experts predict that worldwide e-commerce will generate $4.9 trillion in sales next year, and by 2040 as much as 95% of shopping will be facilitated by e-commerce. So, your marketing content will need to reach your customer through the noise of billions of others. Shoppable video content provides a personal, informative way of promoting content which helps to build customer trust online. It also engages 3-4x more than standard video.

Who is using shoppable video successfully?

Several brands have started to partner with interactive video platforms like Smartzer to generate engaging, exciting and monetized marketing content.

Here are a few examples of effective clickable videos done by brands:

Zimmerman X Smartzer: RTW Spring 2021

Luxury fashion brand Zimmerman, created this incredible and completely shoppable run way show. Using Smartzer's interactive platform, they were able to add clickable hotspots to their show. Viewers could engage with the content by clicking looks and adding products to their basket.

Bloomingdales UAE X Smartzer: Ramadan Collection

Bloomingdales UAE partnered with Smartzer to create this sleek and stylish shoppable video for Ramadan. The shoppable video content was used on their ecommerce landing pages for anyone to shop from. There were multiple products featured for every member of the family. This meant that anyone visiting the website could use the video for easy product discovery.

Arnotts X Smartzer: Cooking Club

It isn't just fashion and retail brands using clickable content online. Arnotts cooking club used Smartzer's player to create a shoppable cooking tutorial featuring chef, Donal Skehan. Viewers could learn how to make delicious lamb meatballs and shop along to purchase all the utensils featured.

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