Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Video ecommerce is rapidly evolving. Now, it is not enough to only use static imagery and text for marketing and promotional content.

Video is the most informative and engaging type of content. However, interactive shoppable video takes it up a level. Not only is it engaging, but it informs and converts customers. This means that video ecommerce becomes monetised and brands can boost sales significantly.

Plus, every view, click and click-through can be measured within the video, making content extremely valuable for adapting marketing strategy.

In a digital age, it is extremely important to optimise app experiences for customers...

Poq Studios has also been helping brands to drive app commerce. The platform helps to create seamless shopping experiences that are dynamic, interactive, personalised and smooth. Poq allows brands to set up their own communication channels with users, style their app to suit brand style and incorporate interactivity to make shopping on the app fun to hold user attention.

Interactive video platforms like Smartzer help brands to easily create material that is engaging, immersive, educational and clickable. Brands use the player to add an interactive overlay to their videos, they can add hot spots with product information and popups with links to PDP, ecommerce, sign up pages, 'add-to-cart' functionality and more. Smartzer lets brands implement videos on ecommerce landing pages, VPAID ads, as Facebook or Instagram posts and stories. Now, Smartzer's shoppable videos can be included in brand ecommerce apps for IOS and Android.

With consumers spending more and more time on their mobile phones scrolling the internet, it is important to target users on apps. The seamless shopping experiences engages viewers as soon as they open the app. Ideally, consumers can browse entire collections easily, perhaps through one shoppable video. Adding products to their bag with just one click.

This can be extremely successful for the following reasons:

It shortens the path to purchase: Shoppable videos provide a lot of information in one format. Viewers can find out details on products in seconds and add to basket directly from the video. This means that viewers are driven quickly down the purchase funnel and make impulse buys.

It targets qualified traffic: Users visiting an app will be heading over to either purchase or browse products. This means that they are already considering buying from the brand. Interactive video engages informed visitors and convinces them to make the purchase.

It builds customer trust and educates: Video ecommerce provides a clear and honest view of a product. 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. This gives viewers the extra confidence they need to buy online.

Smartzer worked with SHEIN to deliver a shoppable video on their app ecommerce landing page:

Users could find out product information on a variety of looks and shop directly from the campaign.

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