Unlike standard video, shoppable video can help you track key metrics from your video content marketing to provide a strong ROI.

Shoppable and interactive videos allow the viewer to play a role in the video. They can click on an interactive overlay to bring up popups with product information and a call to action button that can take them to a product display page, or add the item straight to their cart. This helps to provide a direct and personalised way to shop.

Check out this amazing example from Australian luxury fashion brand, Oroton, using Smartzer.

As a result of these extra ways to engage, the videos produce stronger metrics that provide a deeper insight into how consumers engage with your content.

Here's a break down of the key metrics produced by interactive video and what they mean for your brand's video content marketing strategy, starting with the basics:




Standard and shoppable video both provide information on how many people have pressed play on your video and watched it at the most basic level.


All of the clicks that occur in the video, including clicks on the hotspots and miss-clicks. You can see where people are engaging with your content in your interactive video.

Interactive views

The number of people who watched and clicked on your shoppable video. You can see how people have engaged at the awareness stage and then clicked to explore your content.

Click through rate

The percentage of views that resulted in a click through. This includes clicks to view product display pages and add to carts. This means you can track consideration and conversion rates. Video interactivity can actually boost your CTR by up to 10 X more than standard video.

Interactive view rate

The percentage of people who watched the video and clicked on any of the interactive video elements. You can clearly see from interactive metrics how the viewer is responding to your content.


Shoppable videos allow you to track which products are being added to baskets and who is checking out. It is impossible to track conversion from standard, flat content.

Product Popularity

Some interactive video platforms show you which products are clicked and added to cart the most. This helps you to track your consumers preferences and see what is trending.

View Maps

View maps can help you see where your viewer drops off the video. This can help you learn from your content to see what your target market finds the most interesting.

Click Maps

Click maps show you exactly where your viewer is clicking and interacting with your shoppable video content. You can see which areas are the most popular with viewers.

Using video interactivity can boost your engagement rates, but it can also allow you to understand your customer's behaviour much more deeply.

You can learn from these key metrics to produce bigger and better shoppable content and revolutionise your video content marketing strategy.

Seeing spectacular, clearly measurable results from video interactivity provides a strong ROI.