Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Trending video content marketing format is set to revolutionise the way consumers buy online.

Check out this shoppable campaign by NARS

Shoppable video is providing a whole new way for consumers to control their video ecommerce experience.

As a result of the pandemic, businesses have had to increase their online presence due to the closure of bricks and mortar stores and offices. So, there has been a rapid advance in digital technology and video advertising. This can be clearly seen through a spike in the use of interactive and shoppable video content marketing. In November 2020, 40% of marketers were using shoppable video ads as a result of a "storeless" economy.

In 2021, even with the pandemic easing in the UK, we are still seeing an exponential rise in the number of brands using shoppable video. The immersive and highly engaging format has proven a hit with consumers who now expect a deeper level of involvement with product videos that they see.

But why shoppable video?

Interactive and shoppable videos result in 3x-4x greater viewer engagement and conversion than traditional video content marketing. They also have a completion rate of 90%. So it clearly works.

Interactive video platforms like Smartzer, help brands to add a clickable overlay to their videos to make them shoppable. Users tag their videos with product information so their customers can easily click to find out details and make a confident and educated purchase. Add-to-cart functionalities allow the viewer to shop straight from the video creating effective video ecommerce. Content becomes immersive, monetised and memorable.

Effectively, the viewer is driven quickly down the purchase funnel in a matter of seconds, leading to increased impulse purchases. This "see now, buy now" philosophy is what makes shoppable video so effective for video ecommerce.

Shoppable video's success during the pandemic can largely be attributed these factors. By involving the viewer in the video it connects brands with customers and provides a bespoke and customised experience that they won't forget. With technology becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, shoppable video is likely to stick around and evolve to become an imperative part of content marketing strategy.

Just check out this incredible shoppable campaign by Ralph Lauren and Smartzer on an ecommerce landing page:

Maybe soon, most videos uploaded to the internet will be interactive in some shape or form!

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